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is a fast-paced YA dystopian novel filled with action, romance, and twists. Unwillingly pulled into the year 2127 and forced to conceal his true identity, for 17-year-old Ryder, this is one time when being yourself is not the best advice.

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'My blood runs cold, and I see the horror etched in the boy's reflection. Anxiety seeps into my chest, making my heart hammer. I don't know where I am. I don't know how I got here. But what worries me most is: I don't know who the hell is looking back at me in the mirror.'

When you wake up in the wrong body within a futuristic world, being yourself can get you killed.

17-year-old Ryder is on his way to school when he experiences a pain like he has never felt before. He awakes in a mysterious lab to discover that, as a victim of an unauthorized transfer, he has been pulled into the year 2127.

Now Ryder’s life depends on him succeeding in making everyone believe that he is Ziron, the boy that swapped places with him in 2015. If he fails, he will be captured, imprisoned, or worse. Ryder only has to survive two weeks in this futuristic world he doesn’t understand. But two weeks is a long time when you don’t know who to trust, and when you have to keep away from a girl you have sworn to protect.

Kira refuses to stay away, so how can he prevent her from discovering his secret? And how can he be with her when she thinks he’s someonelse?

Time is running out for Ryder to unravel the conspiracy and uncover the answer to the biggest question of all: Just why did Ziron risk everything to change places with him? And what exactly has Ryder been pulled into?

In a desperate quest to find his way home, Ryder will stop at nothing to protect the girl of his dreams, and the secret that could destroy everything.

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TIME SHIFTERS: Beyond Time is available in paperback and ebook format.
Paperback: The first book in the Time Shifters series is available to order from bookstores in the USA and Australia.
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TIME SHIFTERS: Beyond the Veil
is the anticipated sequel that takes you behind the curtain to unveil the events that led to Ryder being pulled into 2127.

'I slide into the transporter and lower the hatch, hearing it click into place. I suck in a breath, praying this will work, because now that I’m sealed inside, there’s no going back. Bright light floods the chamber and a low murmur begins to hum in my ears, growing louder as it vibrates through my body.

I’m so sorry, Ryder, I whisper, right before I lose all sense of orientation. I don’t fight the invisible fingers that reach in to pluck me from my physical body; I surrender to them. My awareness dims until only one last thought bubbles to the surface: Everything I’ve ever known is gone.'

Book Two in the Time Shifters series follows Ziron’s journey from 2127 to 2015 and reveals how and why he performed the brazen act that tore Ryder from his home. Why did he risk everything to swap places with Ryder? And how can he deceive Ryder’s family and friends when he knows nothing of Ryder’s world? Ziron has put it all on the line to travel back to 2015, knowing the future of humankind is at stake. He will give his heart to a girl he meets there, but will he be forced to give his life to protect those he loves? Ziron only hopes he can stay alive long enough to complete his mission, before his enemies catch up to him and the future is changed forever.

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TIME SHIFTERS: Beyond Limits
returns to 2127, where Ryder decides it's time to fight back! Infused with action and surprising secrets, the third book in the series jumps between the past and future, where every action has consequences...

'The six of us climb the steps to the facility, uniforms neatly pressed and nerves on fire. We are acutely aware that no matter what happens in there, we can’t fail our mission. We reach the entrance, slowly marching towards either victory or death. The others all begin twitching and bouncing on their feet, like they’re preparing to enter a boxing ring. Sweat pools at the back of my neck. This is it; our fate awaits us inside.'

Can you ever really know someone when dark secrets lie between you?
Ryder is surprised to discover that Kira has returned. Now that she’s back, can their relationship survive all of the lies? And can he keep his vow not to embroil her in the danger he faces?
Ryder and Jet must put aside their differences to work together to uncover the truth and try to rescue the prisoners. Tanaka is gone, but is he innocent? In the jaw-dropping third book, the identity of X will be revealed, hearts will be broken and lives will be lost. Can love conquer all, or will the relationship between Ryder and Kira be irrevocably shattered?

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