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What would you sacrifice to save a stranger?
Visions is a novel that explores the ideas of fate and purpose, and how we are all connected. When you hold the power in your hands - do you choose your fate, or does your fate choose you?

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In exactly two minutes, there will be a gunshot.
In exactly two minutes, everything will change.
In exactly two minutes, someone might die.

Isabel Cartier was career-driven with a careful plan. Back when her life made sense. Now she’s trying to keep a secret, keep her job and keep everyone around her alive.

Isabel doesn’t know how or why the visions started. But her newfound premonitions of strangers in potentially life-threatening situations force her to decide what she’s willing to do—and sacrifice—in order to save the people in her visions.

There's Matt, the handsome stranger she saves from a terrible accident. They’re fated to meet, but are they fated to be together? Then there's Jeremy, her thoughtful neighbor who's down on his luck. Can she trust him with her secret? But it’s another man haunting her dreams who will leave her questioning everything. Does he have nine lives, or is it up to Isabel to figure out the rules of a game she doesn't quite understand in order to truly save him?

In her desperate quest to uncover the true purpose of her gift, Isabel will learn to open her heart, discover her passion, and fall in love. But will she lose it all?

Lives will hang in the balance. Choices will be made. Not everyone will survive.


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